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#MeToo is Top Issue and Trend For Litigation - Are You Prepared?

January 16, 2019

Litigation related to #MeToo is one of the top issues and trends corporate counsels need to know for the coming year, according to Crowell & Moring's Litigation Forecast for 2019, as reported by Corporate Counsel.  As provided by Ellen Moran Dwyerchair of Crowell & Moring's Executive Committee, member of the Management Board and a partner in the Labor & Employment Group, the focus needs to shift from simply defining prohibited conduct to fostering workplace cultures built on foundations of civility and respect, since they have fewer incidents of harassment and sex-based misconduct.  To do this, she recommends employers to take to heart that employers need to head off problems before they start and support an affirmative defense if they become entangled in litigation.  


Work Shield provides the foundation and tools to not only head off the problems but bolsters employer's affirmative defense.  


Per Dwyer, employers should double the efforts to enhance the culture of respect and civility as a core part of their risk mitigation strategies in the perilous #MeToo space.  Cultivating relationships of trust and respect between leaders and their employees, and confidence in harassment reporting channels and the fairness of employers’ remediation efforts, should serve as a powerful prophylactic against harassment and ensuing litigation.  


This is exactly what Work Shield is designed for - to help employers enhance the civility, respect and trust between leaders and employees, while providing a clear, affirmative channel for reporting and bolstering an employer's affirmative defenses.  


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