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EEOC Lawsuits & Complaints Surge in 2018! Are You Ready? Really?

December 12, 2018

#MeToo is not over.....it's only beginning.  As reported from the EEOC, they are filing lawsuits at a rate that surpasses the last four years, with sexual harassment lawsuits taking much of the focus.  From 2016, there was a 62% increase in the number of suits filed.  As you may recall, the start of #MeToo movement begain as the EEOC's fiscal year started in October of 2017.  And this is just the actual lawsuits filed by the EEOC.  


The old rules for preventing and handling workplace harassment issues in the workplace are changing.  Are you?  Or, are you still using old policies and prevention strategies?  It's #TimesUp in the workplace, as companies prepare to implement a new method of prevention and building a culture of respect - it's Work Shield's ERISA-qualified, Employer Harassment Protection Plan.  


Want to learn how to implement this innovative and effective anti-harassment and discrimination platform?  You may be thinking "How can our company have an issue regarding workplace harassment?  Certainly not us!"  Well, are you 100% certain?  Or, would you be willing to provide a "legal shield" just in case you have a harasser on your payroll?  For more information, send an email to hello@theworkshield.com.  


For some interesting numbers, see the 2018 EEOC highlights below: 

  • The EEOC received over 554,000 calls and emails and handled over 200,000 inquiries concerning potential discrimination/workplace harassment claims.

  • The EEOC launched a nationwide online inquiry and appointment system as part of the EEOC's Public Portal. It resulted in a 30% increase in inquiries and over 40,000 intake interviews.

  • The EEOC's outreach programs reached 398,650 individuals, providing them with information about employment discrimination and their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. 

  • The EEOC secured approximately $505 million for more than 67,860 victims of workplace discrimination/harassment. The EEOC's legal staff resolved 141 previously filed lawsuits—and then filed 200 more in 2018.

Note:  The numbers are based on Seyfarth Shaw's report on EEOC

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