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How Board of Directors Mitigate #MeToo Risks

December 6, 2018


In a recent article by Corporate Counsel, the idea of 1) removing the employer and 2) removing the "fear" is echoed as it relates to handling the #MeToo exposures of any company, large or small.  With Work Shield, the EHP Plan not only allows a third-party to handle the full investigation, fact-finding, interviews, reporting and recommendation related to any incident report filed, but allows the "fear" to be removed by having employees be able to not only call a 24/7-hotline, but submit (anonymously or not) an incident report form on the phone, tablet or computer.  More importantly, for a PEPM less than a cup of coffee, boards and companies risk too much not implementing Work Shield!  


Check out the article by Caroline Spiezio here: ​https://www.law.com/corpcounsel/2018/12/05/5-ways-board-members-can-mitigate-metoo-risks/​


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