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Work Shield Announces Strategic Partnership With EmpathiHR

Workplace harassment and discrimination solution teams up with training platform to continue cleaning up company cultures across the country.


Work Shield secures $4 Mn in series A funding

The funding will be used to bolster Work Shield's sales team, enhance technology and boost infrastructure to procure new clients and accelerate the company's development roadmap. 


Parental Discrimination: What Companies Should Be Considering During And After COVID-19

As Governors discuss how to approach the coming months, in particularly how to lift and transition away from shelter at home requirements, companies will have to tackle another challenge that has cropped up during this Pandemic. 


These apps try to make reporting sexual harassment less of a nightmare. Do they work?

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many apps and platforms have sprung up with goals of everything from easing the the fear of reporting harassment to changing company culture. What impact have they had?

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Prepare Employees for a Successful Return to a Shared Workspace

Employees might need help readjusting to collaborating in a shared workplace. With insight from Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield, here's a guide to doing it right.


The COVID-19 Experience: An Entrepreneur's (Positive) View

There's no doubt we are all trying to make lemonade out of the lemons that COVID-19 has brought to our employees and companies. Here's how one entrepreneur and his company, Work Shield, are adapting to make lemonade out of lemons.

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Why Companies Have to Rethink How to Treat Working Parents in a Post-Pandemic Culture

As we begin the transition out of pandemic-mode, employers must make broader cultural changes that address the complicated situations of working parents in order to protect company cultures and retain top talent. 

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HR Tech to Help Ease the Sexual Harassment Reporting Process

By protecting those in need, Work Shield maintains the company culture while seeing cases from beginning to end. 


10 Crisis Communications Dos And Don’ts During COVID-19

We’ve collected crucial tips from 10 top leaders guiding their companies through these unprecedented challenges.


Is Coronavirus a Catalyst for Workplace Harassment?

Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  


Top HR Trends to Consider in 2020

Now more than ever, HR professionals are tasked with serving the ever-changing needs and direction of their companies, while also managing and meeting the needs of their employees.


Effective Tools For Reporting Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In this post-#MeToo environment, women are becoming more emboldened to take a stand against sexual harassment, especially in the workplace.


1,000 Entrepreneurs: Jared Pope on Revolutionizing Workplace Harassment Management and Managing 50,000 Employees' Lives

Our fifth profile covers the founder of Work Shield and commoditizing the legal industry.


6 Effective Tools for Reporting Harassment in the Workplace in 2020

In 2019, more women were ready to come forward with reports of sexual harassment in the workplace than ever before. And a big part of this is providing the right channels of communication. 


Benefits Industry Product Roundup.

News of new and improved products and tools from Work Shield, Principal, Onegevity Health, Fidelity, Castlight Health, BPAs, Bento, Beddr, and more.


Dallas company looks to stamp out harassment, discrimination in the workplace

Dallas-based Work Shield is looking to provide protection to companies and their workforces. 


#MeToo at Work: Where Do We Go from Here?

“Employers are desperately searching for ways to address this cultural issue within the business and corporate sector,” says Jared Pope, founder of Work Shield.


Work Shield Announces New Team Member and Additional Advisory Board Members

Specialized leaders in human resources, business and law practices join company’s strategic Advisory Board committee, while experienced technology partner joins Work Shield.


CEO Spotlight: Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield

An in-depth interview with Work Shield's Founder and CEO.


How One Dallas Startup Hopes to Change the Solution to Workplace Harassment

A risk attorney turned startup founder, Jared Pope is on a mission to change the way workplace harassment is handled—by taking out the fear.

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