Be your clients' hero.

Be Their Best Protection Partner

Despite what many believe, harassment and discrimination training, incident reporting platforms and anonymous hotlines are just not enough to protect employees or employers. In fact, if your client is managing bad behavior internally, they are at greater risk for EEOC investigations and large legal and settlement fees and more.

Be a Problem Solver

Workplace harassment and discrimination is the number one issue impacting employers today. Your clients are looking for robust solutions to protect employees and their organizations, improve cultures and extend diversity and inclusion in their businesses.

Bring Innovation to the Table

Work Shield is on the leading edge of providing a complete end-to-end solution for dealing with workplace harassment and discrimination. We are the only solution on the market that offers comprehensive third party reporting, investigations and resolutions.

A few ways Work Shield protects your clients and their employees.


Empower Employees

Work Shield offers employees a stronger voice with a safe, immediate and impartial platform to ensure concerns are heard, investigated and resolved without the fear of retaliation.


Preserve Cultures

Work Shield partners with employers to foster a positive and open workplace culture comprised of integrity and trust.


Mitigate Risk

By leveraging our Work Shield-certified legal professionals who thoroughly and effectively manage investigations and resolutions, employers mitigate risk and strengthen affirmative defense.


Improve Productivity

Our Work Shield-certified legal professionals efficiently and effectively manage and resolve incidents from start to finish, with as little disruption to the workplace as possible. 


Preserve Profitability

Empowering your employees with Work Shield encourages a healthy culture of mutual respect and trust, increasing employee engagement and long-term retention.

Bring meaningful added value.

Just one mismanaged workplace harassment incident can impact a company's profits, investor prospects, reputation, culture and more. Work Shield is a best practice solution for dealing with workplace harassment and discrimination that protects your clients and positions you as a cutting-edge resource. 

Details you'll want to know.


Your clients are your clients. You will always own that relationship. If you have a client with a particular need, or would like a Work Shield representative to meet with your client, just let us know.


Consultants earn a commission or fee for placing clients with the Work Shield solution.


You can download information to share with your clients here. If you need a different format or specialized materials, just let us know

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